IMD360: Lab Activity 1 ::: Odd Thomas Plot Analysis (Webisode)

Activity 1: Odd Thomas Plot Analysis

The webisode is about a guy (Odd Thomas) who sees dead people and attempts to assist them. The main Characters in the webisode is Odd Thomas. Other characters in the story are a male older ghost, a male driver, and a female ghost. The setting takes place on a lonely road, hotel room and in a car. The webisode seems to be a mystery type suspense story.

The webisode is told from a single person perspective. The event in the webisode are seeing ghost, and trying to bring forth some type of resolution. Another event associated in the webisode is the suspense / mystery of the relationship between the driver and the female ghost in the back seat. In my opinion the conflict of the webisode is seeing ghost, but the major conflict is the relationship between Odd Thomas, the male driver and the female ghost, which compliments the suspense / mystery of the webisode. A non-detailed resolution happens when Odd Thomas places his hand on the male ghost shoulder and the ghost seems to disappear into the afterworld. There’s no true resolution to the male driver and the girl in the car, which helps to make the webisode a mystery type story.

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